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Inefficient business processes are costing the global container industry over $30 billion per year


According to the Drewry shipping consultants antiquated liner invoicing and payment processes are costing the industry $34.4 billion annually. The container industry sent and received a total of 207 million containers in 2017, meaning that upwards of 1.26 billion invoices had to be issued, verified, paid and logged over the year.
In Drewry’s opinion there has to be a better way, especially with new technology, to resolve the sector problems. To take away the pain points technical solutions should take care of: simplification and/or automation of invoicing/payments; prevend CAD by creating trust and guarantees between stakeholders; streamline the workflows of quotation requests, quotations, booking requests and confirmations, fullfilment and all in line with invoicing and payments without errors and extra work, etc.



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